CAF América certifica que en la Fundación Bobath cumplimos los requisitos para ser receptores de donaciones de empresas con sede social en Estados Unidos acreditados también por CAF América.

CAF America’s Eligibility Committee has determined that Fundacion Bobath is now eligible to receive grants from CAF America from 01/20/2016 to 01/20/2018.  Our organization will remain eligible to receive grants from CAF America until 01/20/2018.

Our organization is now listed on CAF America’s Charity Database.

Donors are able to make tax-effective gifts to CAF America with Fundacion Bobath as the grant recipient. All grant suggestions must be approved by the CAF America Board of Directors before being awarded to your organization.

Please note that CAF America donors receive a tax receipt showing the full amount of the gift as a charitable contribution.  Accordingly, it is CAF America’s policy not to accept any gifts or to make any grants if the grantee provides tangible benefits to donors in return for such gifts or grant payments.  Impermissible benefits include but are not limited to meals, gifts, prizes, travel, scholarship or tuition, special event admissions, discounts, etc.  Donors may be made members of the recipient organization so long as no such benefits are provided in connection with membership.  Your cooperation with these rules helps protect CAF America’s donors from adverse tax consequences.

Puedes consultar el acuerdo de CAF América con la Fundación Bobath descargando este enlace


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